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If your world looks like a bright blue sky with the warm sun pouring over a few dark ominous clouds at any given moment, then you can understand the likes and motivations of someone like me, a jack-of-all-trades renaissance-type guy who broods in the shadows between the sunny patches of life.


Busy, chunky and clever electric guitars my musical path and, by default, do the heavy lifting on most of the songs you'll listen to here.  I'm shooting for sonic textures that compliment the mood of each song, constantly pushing the lyrics and vocals back up to the surface for a breath.  Inspired by the raw and live energy captured in recordings by Neil Young, I' enjoy working in melodic elements echoing Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and The Police..


For me, songwriting happens when the day is done, when fatigue and longing have set in, when a lack of perspective leads to introspection... For over 20 years, I've shared the therapy buried in lines that rhyme and others that don' making promises that are broken by being pulled one way while longing for another…and by making sense of the world and why our expectations can lead to such heartache...and such joy.


This past year has been huge for clearing the slate and I am proud to present updated versions of Fuselage and Songs for the Lone Adelie ...By Blunt Winter Sun is the new one - please listen and enjoy :)


Since July 2000, Gonys McFly has provided graphic design and promotional products to a variety of groups, companies and teams.  Seeing the team-building impact of my hand-painted T-shirts from the age of 12, I started a T-shirt business called "Gonys" in Sydney Australia before moving back to Canada where I ran my own printing press from 2000-2006, and still personally handle all of the artwork and logistics for apparel and promotional merchandise production.  I love designing shirts and affirming the identity of the groups I work with.  Very rewarding work!


If you like old wood, then you'll like what we make out of it!  My neighbour Andrew Schleger and I make benches, tables, coat-racks, sideboards, etc. out of old barnboard.  Not only is it amazing to admire the tight grain of 100 year old white pine, but working with old pieces of warped wood forces you to be adaptive, to cut curvy and crooked lines in to a junction, and to accept the will of the wood.  As a result, we generate some very unique pieces that effortlessly convey some level of reincarnation.